Project Description

Complete Streets

At TJKM, we understand that Complete Streets make active living easy. By integrating all modes of travel safely, we meet the needs of motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and public transportation riders. TJKM has extensive experience in bicycle and pedestrian design projects including master plans and Safe Routes to School.

Specific complete street services we provide include:

  • Compile background traffic conditions and determine existing conditions
  • Field audits of bicycle, pedestrian, and transit facilities and identification of facility gaps and safety issues
  • Safety audits to identify issues and opportunities
  • Neighborhood and surrounding area impacts
  • Traffic signal modifications to better accommodate bicyclist and pedestrian detection and safety
  • Facilitate public meetings to encourage community involvement
  • Preparations of alternatives, concept plans, and PS&E

Relevant Projects

  • Multimodal Improvement Study, Mountain View.
  • San Benito Street Multimodal Corridor Study, Hollister
  • Shoreline Boulevard Corridor Study, Mountain View
  • California Street / Escuela Avenue / South Shoreline Complete Streets, Mountain View
  • Bike Master Plan, Patterson
  • Citywide Trail Crossings Enhancement Project, Pleasant Hill
  • Mary Avenue Street Space Allocation Study and Environmental Documentation, Sunnyvale
  • Charleston–Arastradero “Road Diet” Plan Analysis, Palo Alto
  • Mendocino Avenue Bicycle Lane Environmental Impact Report Operations Analysis, Santa Rosa

Project Details