Project Description

Congestion Management Program

The passage of Proposition 111 in 1990 required all urbanized counties in California to develop and adopt a Congestion Management Plan. This new requirement also resulted in formation of the Congestion Management Agencies (CMA) in affected counties. TJKM is experienced working with CMAs in monitoring CMP networks and conducting biennial updates as required by the California statute.

TJKM’s expertise in this area include data collection, analyzing level of service (LOS) for the arterial and freeway segments, identifying deficient segments, developing mitigation measures, identifying TDM strategies and finalizing the CMP documents. We routinely assist CMAs with public outreach and presentations at their regulatory Boards and committees.

Relevant Projects

  • 2014-15 Congestion Monitoring & CMP Update, Marin County
  • 2013-14 CMP Update, San Joaquin County
  • 2013 CMP Update, Marin County
  • Measure J TRAFFIX Traffic Monitoring Analysis, Danville, San Ramon and Contra Costa County
  • Annual CMP Monitoring Analysis, Los Gatos
  • CMP Monitoring Analysis Report, El Cerrito
  • Traffic Monitoring Program, Lathrop
  • Mountain House Community Service District Traffic Monitoring and Triggering Program, San Joaquin County
  • Washoe Regional Transportation Commission Model Update and GPS Speed Study, Washoe County, NV

Project Details