Project Description

Corridor Studies

Corridor studies are conducted for significant transportation projects along major arterials, state highways and freeways. Such studies analyse conditions for vehicular traffic as well as bike and pedestrian facilities and transit operations. These studies seek to identify the mix of transportation improvements that would be most effective in moving people and goods in specific travel corridors and balancing those improvements with available funding and neighbourhood and community concerns.

When planning or integrating multiple modes of transportation within a traffic corridor shared by multiple modes of travel, it is important to know about the issues and concerns. TJKM has performed   numerous corridor studies that provided a balanced and comprehensive view of the project. We analysed existing conditions and identified deficiencies, opportunities, and constraints. As part of the analysis, we forecasted population, traffic and land use changes to project future corridor use by different modes of transportation. We have assessed traffic management under existing, near-term, and long-term future conditions and evaluated all the feasible or proposed alternatives as well as provided recommendations.

Our expertise include developing  Corridor System Management Plans (CSMP) that outline the multi-jurisdictional management of a state highway corridor experiencing delay due to congestion, with emphasis on operations and getting the most of our existing infrastructure. We are highly skilled at analyzing existing and future traffic conditions and assessments of performance measures within the corridor. We develop innovative and feasible solutions    regarding operational improvements, intelligent transportation system (ITS) strategies, and system expansion projects to preserve or improve performance measures within the corridor.

Relevant Projects

  • US 101 Corridor Interchange Study, Mendocino County
  • Willow Road and University Avenue Corridor Study, San Mateo County
  • State Route 53 Corridor Study, Lake County
  • East of US 101 Corridor Study, South San Francisco
  • I–580 Westbound HOV Corridor Study, Alameda County
  • Charleston–Arastradero Corridor Study, Palo Alto

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