Project Description

Traffic Calming

Traffic calming measures are put in place to reduce motor vehicle speed and traffic. Engineering measures, such as speed humps, speed bumps, and lane narrowing, could be the potential solution to your concern for slowing down vehicle speed problems.

Not only do we understand the need for neighborhoods to be safer, pleasant, and livable, but we also understand that traffic calming solutions are a result of community involvement – the most important step. With our public sector experience, we know firsthand the unique issues and challenges to overcome that go well beyond engineering. Examples of TJKM’s recommendations can be seen throughout the Bay Area. TJKM’s traffic calming history can be summed up with two words: successful implementation.

Relevant Projects

  • Campus Pointe Mixed Use Development, Fresno
  • El Monte Avenue Traffic Calming Study, Los Altos
  • Joint Eastside Schools Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Enhancement Study, Santa Clara County
  • Stanford Avenue Traffic and Parking Study, Santa Clara County
  • Joaquin Area Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan, San Leandro
  • Roundabout Feasibility Study, Sonoma
  • Lewelling Boulevard Roundabout Study, San Leandro
  • Ferris-Englewood Neighborhood Traffic Calming, Los Gatos
  • On-Call Traffic Calming Services, San Jose
  • Safe Routes to School Project Study, San Jose
  • Neighborhood Transportation Management Plan, El Cerrito
  • El Cerrito Plaza Master Plan, El Cerrito
  • Miller Creek Road Interchange Traffic Calming and Design Alternatives, Marin County
  • Willow Road and University Avenue Traffic Study, Menlo Park

Project Details